Dr. Robin Patel

About Dr. Robin Patel

Dr. Robin Patel has completed B.D.S. from Gujarat University with University Rank.

He has done Master in Immediate Loading Implantology from Munich, Germany (2nd in Gujarat)

He is the First and Only CF@O Licensed Practitioner in India. (Queen Mary University, London, UK)

He is trained by Dr. Henri Diedrich (Luxembourg - Europe) for Hybrid Plate Implants which are specially designed and patented by Dr. Henri to match no/less bone situations where all other dental implants can not be placed without complicated surgeries.

Hybrid Plate Dental Implants developed by Dr. Henri Diedrich is available only to CF@O Licensed Practitioner and Dr. Robin Patel is the first and only CF@O Licensed in India.

Dr. Robin Patel has received training by International Implant Foundation Immediate Loading Implant Curriculum,
Munich, Germany.

He is 2nd in Gujarat to receive Masters in Immediate Loading Implantology from IF, Germany.

Dr. Robin Patel is among the few TOP DENTISTS IN INDIA who are trained directly by Prof. Stefan Ihde (Father of modern Basal Implantology), Switzerland.

Dr. Robin Patel is trained by Prof. Dr. Vitomir Konstantinovic ( Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery and implantology at University of Belgrade and Serbia) about Zygomatic Implants.

He has clinical experience of more than 10 years

1500+ Dental Implants in last 2 Years Only

He has also taken lectures about Dental Implants and Basal Dental Implants in Gujarat.

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Dr.Robin Patel
Dr.Robin Patel
Dr.Robin Patel