Advantages of the Immediate Loading Basal Dental Implants

“For me, Implantology starts where others gave up”
-Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde
( Chairman Ihde Dental, Switzerland )

Now, we can give implant supported fix teeth within 72 hours with immediate loading Basal Dental Impalnts.

Fast, Safe & Painless Dental Implant procedures with unique advantages

Implants supported fix teeth in just 72 hours

No Bone Grafting

No sinus lift surgeries

Saves time for Patient - Fast - No waiting time

Safe -Virtually no incidence of peri-implantitis. Implants can be done in diabetic patients & heavy Smokers also

Painless- No incision, no Sutures minimally invasive

Basal / Cortical bone support

Cost Effective as there is no need of other surgery / Procedures