Advantages of the Immediate Loading Basal Dental Implants

Dr. Stefan Basal Impantology

“For me, Implantology starts where others gave up”
-Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde
( Chairman Ihde Dental, Switzerland )

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Fast, Safe & Painless Basal Dental Implant procedures with unique advantages

Basal Dental Implants:

Now, we can give implant supported fix teeth within 72 hours with immediate loading Basal Dental Implants.

Implants supported fix teeth in just 72 hours

No Bone Grafting

No sinus lift surgeries

Saves time for Patient - Fast - No waiting time

Safe -Virtually no incidence of peri-implantitis. Implants can be done in diabetic patients & heavy Smokers also

Painless- No incision, no Sutures minimally invasive

Basal / Cortical bone support

Cost Effective as there is no need of other surgery / Procedures

To know more in depth about basal implants view our Basal Implantology page.

Basal Dental Implants